Freight & Shipping Services

Every shipment is different. If yours has special requirements, we’re here to make it easy.

In today’s competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to secure the fastest and most reliable delivery times at the best possible price. Whether you are shipping within the United States, within Canada, or across the border; Variable Supply Chain provides freight and transportation solutions your require. When you work with Variable, you will have the ability to: reduce delivery service times, have increased visibility and tracking tools-all while keeping your budget under control.


Freight Transport

The Variable Supply Chain team has been moving freight across the United States, thoughout Canada and across the USA/Canada border for the past 30 years. Here are just a few ways our experience and knowledge can help you:

  • Reduce shipping costs immediately with the use of U.S. Domestic rate schedules versus international shipping rates.
  • Anticipate and resolve border compliance issues BEFORE they occur. Keep your shipments moving and scheduled to arrive on time without delays, fines, or penalties.
  • We have all the visibility and reporting tools you need to provide freight and shipment tracking with scheduled delivery time frames.

Full Truckload (FTL) Transportation Services

Full Truckload Services are often the preferred method to save money when there is a truck that is carrying one dedicated shipment. There are many different types of shipping situations that could require a full truckload. Some include: refrigerated, flatbeds, dry van, high-value and many more. One of the many benefits of full truckload shipping is that this can be a great method when there are time sensitive goods that are being shipped. An added benefit of full truckload transportation is the decreased chance of damaged freight during transportation. With less handling of the freight at multiple stops, your merchandise is expected to always arrive intact.

FTL Shipping Highlights

  • Variable Supply Chain has an extensive network of reliable truckload carriers we trust to handle large, multiple pallet shipments throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Choose this option to move large inventories or distributions to breakdown into smaller shipments upon arrival to the U.S. or Canada (De-consolidation services).
  • Our traffic team provides freight management services ensuring the most economical option is chosen while making sure your shipment arrives on time, in-tact, and without additional charges due to missing paperwork or border delays.
  • Dedicated or shared Truckload options are available, including peddle runs


Less Than Truckload (LTL) Transportation Services

Less than truckload transportation is a shipping method when your business is shipping an amount of goods that does not take up the entire truck space. Usually these are shipments of 1-6 pallets. This option allows multiple shippers to share the costs of transport. You pay for a smaller portion of space and essentially split the cost of the truck with other shippers. 


LTL Shipping Highlights

  • Variable Supply Chain provides you a flexible network of reliable regional and national LTL carriers at your fingertips.
  • We work closely with our carefully selected group of LTL carriers to ensure on-time performance and superior handling to reduce freight claims. 
  • Our traffic analysts have the experience and technology available to make multiple options available based on your requirements: routing requests, best service at least cost, etc.
  • We know freight! Avoid the time and expense associated with carrier rate negotiations, freight classification, freight class errors, and freight bill audits. Variable will take care of it all!

Small Package/Parcels

Need To Ship A Small Package/Parcel?

Rely on Variable Supply Chain for excellent small package/parcel shipping services. Choosing us provides a number of benefits when trying to move your packages from one location to another.

  • For your small parcel/package needs (0-150 lbs.) Sam-Son gives you multiple carrier options: UPS, FedEx, USPS, Purolator and Canpar.
  • Let us help you evaluate small parcel/package options against LTL for reduced cost and/or USPS for greater delivery speed and control.
  • Our customer service team works with you to understand your business and your customers.

Our network will help you find the best method of transportation for your small packages/parcels. We also have professional packaging services, should you need us to prepare your merchandise for transport. Our professionals know how to find the best rates and the fastest shipment times, making us a valuable resource for small package shipping solutions!

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