Return Management Services

Your Customers Need a Positive Returns Experience 

Returns management is critical for both cost cutting and improved customer satisfaction. Customers expect immediate turn-around for credits and exchanges. Returns not handled efficiently will cost you money. International returns (U.S./Canada-Canada/U.S.) often introduces another layer of complexity to doing cross-border business. Variable Supply Chain is here to make the business of handling returns efficient and easy. Our Reverse Logistics Program will help guide you in how your product is returned and help maximize the value of the return, saving you both time and money.

Variable Supply Chain helps North American companies establish streamlined Reverse Logistics processes that will:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Maximize the value of the return product
  • Minimize the expense associated with the returns process

We will work with you to help determine the best location(s) for your Returns Processing.

Variable can implement your current Returns Management processes or work with you to develop a comprehensive solution aimed to maximize customer satisfaction and recovered value to your organization.

Some of the many Returns Process functions we perform for our customers include:



Every return is accounted for identification by the shipment tracking number and any of the following:

  • RA/RMA Number
  • Client Name and “Ship To” Address
  • Number of Packages, Pallets and Weight
  • Notes of any visible damage to the return

Inspection & Verification

At your direction, we can open, inspect, and report the contents and condition of the merchandise returned:

  • Number Pieces
  • Number of SKUs (Items by unique product identification)
  • Condition of all Pieces
  • Separation of pieces by condition of the item
    • Pristine, can be returned to “A” stock
    • Product is unblemished but requires new packaging
    • Varied product condition based on your requirements
      • “F” for disposal
      • “C” stock to be either stripped of parts or donated
      • “B” stock – to be resold


Why choose us for quality inspection and verification?

Choosing us for inspection and verification in the return process helps free up your time and makes for a much easier process when done by our professionals. All of the processes are in place and ready to be conducted. We will also provide repackaging services so your inventory is ready to go again.

Asset Recovery

We have a full range of services designed to help you maximize the value of your returned product: Some of those services include:

  • Basic return processes, returning merchandise to “sellable” condition
  • On-Line Sales of Merchandise
  • Preparation for liquidation sale
  • Prepare shipment for donation to Charitable Organizations

These services will help streamline your processes, as our logistics company has all the necessary tools, equipment, materials, knowledge, and skills to quickly process asset recovery services. As a business, you want to be focused on growing your brand, revenue, exposure, and incoming website traffic. Freeing up your asset recovery efforts and letting our professionals handle it will free up a lot of time, allowing you to focus your energy and efforts elsewhere in your business.


Whether to protect your brand or to minimize the overhead of holding undesirable returned merchandise, we can provide disposal of returned merchandise. These services can include:

  • Standard Dump and Destroy
  • Certified Destroy
  • Certified Dump and Destroy with Professional Witness (Insurance, Accounting, Legal) is on-hand to certify that the product is destroyed and cannot be recovered for use or re-sale. This process is used for either protection of branded merchandise or standard “Dump and Destroy”

Contact Us For Disposal Services

Rely on Variable Supply Chain Services to properly dispose of inventory that needs to be discarded. Don't waste time and money having undesirable returned merchandise shipped back to your location for further time and energy to be spent on handling the situation. Instead, rely on our professionals. We have all the necessary connections, equipment, staff, and knowledge on how to best dispose of undesirable inventory.