Warehousing/Inventory Management/Distribution Services

Variable Supply Chain’s warehouse is located in Buffalo, New York totaling 315,000 sf.

The capability of our operations will provide the flexibility your supply chain or project requires to decrease overhead and run efficiently.

Inventory Management is at the item (SKU) level. It is our business to receive, process and ship all of your orders as fast as possible. Serialized, premium merchandise, mixed SKU (line item) pallets are welcome and are our primary shipment types. A single inventory location can become more complex as your company add items (SKUs-stock keeping units). Variable always provides “live” views of the Variable warehouse-inventory management system, providing you with the control needed to manage your business.

Variable can provide analysis of past or expected sales by item (SKU) or help with your analysis to determine rational inventory allocation levels for each location.

By exporting order information from your IT (computer) system into ours, redundant order processing tasks can be eliminated, resulting in reduced order process time and a reduction in order entry errors. Formal and informal EDI and XML communications offers seamless integration between our organizations.

The Variable SCS facilities are used for inventory storage, cross dock distribution services, quality control, warranty/repair and reverse logistics (product return management) functions. Project assembly and special handling is provided as required.

Each Variable SCS client has a unique supply chain model. Some have similar models, but no two are alike. The services provided by Variable to fulfill each customer’s model are tailored and documented as a set of specific operating procedures. As your needs and requirements change, Variable updates and modifies your account’s specific operating procedures.

Variable provides some unique and some standard distribution services.

  • Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment/ Open Box
  • Breakdown/ De-Consolidation of Large Volume Shipments
  • Custom Labels and Bar Codes, Label Printing, Label Application and Label Management
  • Repackaging & Inspection Prior to Shipping
  • Partial Shipments - Balance to Inventory
  • Transload Container to Trailer
  • Container Stuffing & De-Stuffing